Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I Should Be Asleep Right Now

It's been a few days since my last post. In fact, the reason you're getting this one is because I woke up at 4:50am, after only ~4.5 hrs sleep, and couldn't seem to go back to sleep for another 1.5 hrs. I s'pose the good news is that I won't oversleep this morning as I have for the previous two. Oversleeping is not something I am in the general habit of doing. At all. I rarely, extremely rarely oversleep. For me it's usually a symptom of something else, like me being *really* worn out or in dire need of a major bedtime/wakeup reform. I don't know what it is this time but, well, this morning is another chapter in the book.

I'm waking up, sorry, I was to wake up extra early this morning as I am taking my car to the dealer for service. Have you ever seen or felt a car limp along? That's what mine is doing right now. It's very sad. There's a weird vibration, the gas pedal isn't very responsive, the 'service engine' light is constantly on, even blinking often. In short, my car is decidedly not happy. Which means I'm not happy. 'Cause that's the way it works. If my car is unhappy, if my car is in pain, then so am I. I really do feel for her and I hope she'll be okay. I need my baby. I just did a Google search for that phrase, "I need my baby". Lots of songs with that phrase. I wonder which one I'm thinking of.

Last night I was up late. I ended up watching some television at 2:30am. Did you know there is nothing, and I mean nothing on tv at 2:30am? I started flipping through all the cable channels I get, in a vain attempt to find something, anything I could stand to watch. Zilch, zip, nada were all I found. Well, to be fair, I found a bit more than that. There was an infomercial advertising an all-natural supplement to help you increase your bust size. That was interesting until they started talking about PMS. There was a town hall meeting with a congressman. I heard a Vietnam Vet get up and ask the congressman what he was going to do about the inequal political division now inherent in the armed forces. Namely the large Republican support base. The congressman didn't answer his question. Then their sound system went on the fritz for 5 min. so I changed the channel. There was an interesting bit on Animal Planet about Japanese fighting fish. That was interesting until the show started showing old movie clips from movies about gladiators in ancient Rome. What does that have to do with Japanese fighting fish? Yeah, that was my problem. Then I ran across another infomercial advertising a special slimming shorts device. You wear the shorts and they help you obtain a better figure. That was also interesting but it lost my attention after a few minutes. The History Channel was not talking about breast size, fighting fish nor waist-slimming. They were discussing some elements of warfare, something to do with anti-submarine bombs and a U.S. submarine 90 miles off Cuba. That one also failed to hold my attention for very long. It was about then that I turned off the television and turned in for the night.

Hopefully I can get my sleep routine back in order. I sense something is greatly amiss here.