Thursday, July 21, 2005

By Reason of Insanity

I just love that phrase. No real reason.. other than a mild touch of insanity perhaps.

I want to respond, officially (or at least as officially as there is around here), to two comments recently left on this blog:
(1) A Friend: hey where's the wrap up post

(2) GG: **SO** jealous that you are taking the CT bar (or whatever non-CA state you are doing!) and have time to watch TV.
N.B. I'm sitting for the NY and CT Bar Exams next week.

*runs around in circles, bangs head on wall, thrashes about wildly like a rabid lemming*

*AHEM* Better now.

(1) The Official (See infra introduction.) Law School Wrap Up Post has been delayed due to creative differences among the authors. (Seeing as there is one author to the forthcoming post, me, that would be creative differences amongst myself. See infra insanity notes.) That is, I have gone through 2 drafts thus far and am still working on a final product. It's coming, I just want to make sure it's the post I want it to be. "We apologize for the inconvenience." (link, THHGTTG)

(2) I love your question. Here's why:

Throughout law school, I read non law-related books (Sci Fi, Horror, Misc. Fiction). I'd read them before class, after class, around campus, etc. Other students and friends would occasionally say to me something like:
I can't believe you have time to read for fun and to read for your classes!
I would always, always respond with the same answer:
Your question carries with it an inherent assumption. You assume I read for my classes.
And so, to return to the original question herein.. Don't be jealous that I "have time" to watch TV and study for the bar. It's real easy to do the former when you're not doing the latter.