Saturday, July 02, 2005


Not much to report yet. I'm still 3/4 of the way through my residual law school work. This will hopefully become 4/4 (or "DONE!") within the next 36-48 hours. When and if everything is finished, though the "if" part would be bad, your law school wrapup post will be forthcoming. I have high hopes for it as I think my post-law school comments will serve future and current law students ever so much more than my during-law school comments. Trees for the forest and all that. Plus I'm positive my experience in law school is rather unique. Let's just say that I'm sure at least 3/5 if not 4/5 of my graduating class could not relate. Read between the lines.

I'm looking forward to Monday, aka The 4th aka Ye 'Olde Day O' Fun & Goodness aka 'OH MY G-D, WHAT THE H*LL IS HE LIGHTING ON FIRE NOW?' Not that I have anything in my possession which could be misconstrued as airborne fireworks. Nope. None. Never. Would never dream of it. Not in a million years. Like I'd do that? Puh-lease! As if! Pfft! Before taking the Bar? I'd have to be crazy! Not on your life! Not in this lifetime! No way Jose! Uh uh! Inconceivable! Perish the thought! Etc. So if you're in the vicinity of somewhere on Monday night after dark, don't look up towards the sky expecting to see anything bright and flashy. 'Cause you won't.

Oh, my dog, Austin, who had surgery on Thursday for his cataract is doing just fine. He's getting around just fine, like his usual self. Or at least like his usual self when wearing a plastic collar around his neck. You know, one of those big, funny-looking ones. Actually it is quite amusing at times. He bumps into things pretty often, etc. I mean I hate to employ any form of schadenfreude with a nice cuddly doggy but hey, I calls 'em like I sees 'em.

A while back, you may remember posts of mine about the game World of Warcraft and fighting Onyxia every Wednesday night in a 40-man raid that I organized and put together. Well, 8 weeks of failure is my limit. It takes too much time, energy, and effort to repeatedly fail. My patience is gone and this past week was the do-or-die so no more forming up of those for me, at least not like I have been doing for the past 3 months (11 weeks/attempts).

However, I did join a newly-formed Molten Core raid group, organized and run by friends of mine (in-game friends). Last night, on their 4th night of trying I believe (my 2nd with them), we finally took down Lucifron. While not the hardest boss nor the most exciting of accomplishments, it's still very cool. I enjoyed myself, had an absolute blast! The only problem with this is that the raid itself lasts ~4-6 hours and starts forming up at 10:30pm. This means we're not done until 2:30-5am. That is baaaaaad when one has a 9am session. Baaaaaad. Baaaaaad. Even so, I think I may try to stick with this group for now. I really like the people and it is fun.

Last game item, today I hit up Circuit City (why does this remind me of Spatula City from UHF?) and picked up a combo headset with microphone. Why? I'm glad you asked! No really, I'm glad you asked. 'Cause the explanation is just phenomenal! PHE-NOM-EN-AL! Like totally wow! Awesome, gnarly, sweet, and bitchin'!

::AHEM:: (clears his throat) We apologise for the fault in the [blog]. Those responsible have been sacked. (link)

So yes, I bought this nifty new headset with microphone thingy. See, there's this neato system-thing, much like that Internet phone thingy system whatnot, whereby people can, you know, just--

::AHEM:: (clears his throat) We apologise again for the fault in the [blog]. Those responsible for sacking the people who have just been sacked, have been sacked. (same link)

With this headset and some cool programs, namely Ventrilo and/or Teamspeak, I can speak with other World of Warcraft players while playing. Not random people mind you, but certain ones who are on the same server. The idea is to provide increased communication during play. No more typing, you can simply talk to each other. Much faster and more efficient. I'm looking forward to loading this thing up when I get back to the game in a day or two. (SO EXCITING!)

Well, that's about that. I started getting caught up in reading the Monty Python and The Holy Grail script I've linked twice above (same link AGAIN), make that three times now. Such a great movie. Absolute classic! I'd quote more except I wouldn't be able to stop. And besides, if you can't do the quoting yourself, you are not fit to be in my presence. THOU UNCLEAN!!! STOP THE VIOLATOR!

Yeah, enough.