Wednesday, July 06, 2005

A Late Happy 4th!

Well, the 4th post never did arrive on time so, a belated Happy 4th of July!!! To the non-Americans who read this, ummm.. thhppt.

Oh my g-d, there's a forthcoming Tim Burton stop-animation movie - Corpse Bride. Judging from the trailer I just watched, it's in exactly the same style as The Nightmare Before Christmas. Looks incredible!!! I loved Nightmare and I anticipate a similar response to Corpse Bride! (Other cool thing - Corpse Bride features voices from lots of celebs. Check out the link for additional info.)

Anyways, the 4th. I ended up hanging out with a few friends, nothing big. Was a fun time. I did not light off any fireworks, of course. Especially not any airborne ones. And I most definitely did not accidentally burn my hand (really singe it minorly) while lighting a firework. Nope. But ouch. (Incidentally, it's perfectly fine. Not that it ever happened, mind you.)

So at the moment I'm attempting to pretend that everything is fine. It's not, of course. There are some big problems with my time table. Biiiiiiiig problems. I don't know how big, I'll find out tomorrow. If it's as bad as it could be, you'll hear about it. Otherwise you'll just hear the good news. 'Cause I'm a fraidy cat like that with this blog. (Trying not to preemptively inadvertently kick my own ass/shoot my own foot.)

By the way, I've fooled around a bit with Teamspeak and Ventrilo and World of Warcraft. That is, I've spoken with some of my friends in the game. It's really pretty cool. I did one Molten Core raid with the chat and it really helped coordination. Lotsa fun too. Despite the fact that the headset hurts my ears a bit after a while, I'm gonna keep using it.

I need to catch up on my movie-watching. That's slightly ancillary to other things at the moment, but not by much. I need to catch Mr. & Mrs. before it's out of the theaters. Also need to see War of the Worlds. Thinking of catching Dark Water when it opens on Friday. (Yay for Jennifer Connelly!!!) I'm very much looking forward to the Fantastic Four next week. I love the comic and anticipate loving the movie. (Yay Julian McMahon of Nip/Tuck!!!)

Time to turn in for a bit. Tomorrow's going to be rotten, I can tell. I think I'm due for a night of heavy drinking. Waaaaaay due.

ADDENDUM: Woohoo! I learned that I am not screwed (yet)! However, if I do not do the work I must, I will shortly be irrevocably screwed. Off I go! [10:13am 7-07-05]