Thursday, July 14, 2005


After having my original post eaten by a minor program crash.. Try #2!

Adult Swim roxxors my world:
Harvey Birdman will get you cash!
Slap your monkey on the ass!
This from a pseudo-advert for Harvey Birdman. The advert has a mock lawyer sitting there as if advertising for a real lawyer, except it's for Harvey Birdman. Too funny. And they post a real phone number too! The one in the subject line. I called it and it's a recorded advert for Harvey Birdman. Kinda funny.

And I imagine that if I had a monkey there would be plenty of ass-slapping taking place. And poo-flinging. Though I could probably do without the poo-flinging.

I <3 Adult Swim!

For those not in the know, tilt your head to the right to translate the above. It reads: "I [heart] Adult Swim!"
In recent years, Adult Swim has begun to use bumps (lead ins and outs for commercialls) which are simply black screens with white text written on them, called cards. These cards have given viewers a sense of the personality of [Adult Swim] so that the following is not only to the shows, but to the block itself. Following the relaunch of their forums, [AS] began to post quotes from the boards on their cards, starting with the now infamous phrase "cuz anime is teh s uck." This idea became so popular, and brought so many users to the forums, that eventually Thursday nights were devoted to viewer cards, and their responses from adult swim.
From Adult Swim Wikipedia Entry.

The Adult Swim bumps are awesome! The entry is dead on - the bumps help create a mythos and loyalty to [adult swim] itself as opposed to the channel or even the shows. Very unique. I wonder what advertising experts would have to say about this unique form of branding. You often hear me comment on [adult swim] on this blog. Also about the shows but never "the Cartoon Network."

Oh man! Their last bump complained about a music channel showing the reunion of Pink Floyd but not showing the musical portions. The last two lines:
Maybe we should call you MCSONAAVC
[music comes second or not at all video channel]
Anyone with sufficient television viewing can tell you what VH1's slogan is - "Music Comes First." I wonder which music television channel [adult swim] was railing against...

I did a quick Google search to see if I could find a listing of [adult swim] bumps online, in text format. No dice. If I find some, I'll put 'em up. I'd check the official forums but that crashed my browsing last time so I'll post this first to be certain.
Attention restaurant customers. Testicles. That is all.
Okay, not an [adult swim] quote but Family Guy.

I am not a monkey. (Mine.)