Thursday, June 30, 2005

My Family's Dogs

Tonight you're getting a filler post. Why am I telling you this? Ummm.. Because I'm just writing what I'm thinking at this juncture. And I don't have anything truly substantial to write about 'cause tonight has been a busy night of work avoidance. I am the supreme commander of avoiding that which I should be doing otherwise. No joking. In any case...

My mom takes care of 2 dogs, 2 bichon frises named Austin and Benz. Austin is ~5 years old and ~25-30 pounts whereas Benz is more like 1-2 years old (still very much a puppy) and only ~15 pounds.

No. 1 - I *strongly* do not recommend Bichon Frise puppies. When they're young, they are horrible, spastic, crazy little white furry things with teeth. They take a while to housebreak and are very independent, active little buggers. We were crazy to take Benz. The reason we did was so he could befriend and keep Austin company, help make Austin a more active dog.

No. 2 - After 2-3 years or so, they are *excellent* dogs. Very affectionate, very loyal. They're small and, hence, easily moveable. They're rather smart and can have very distinctive personalities.

No. 3 - I don't have a third thought but the list should have a third item so.. ummm... they're white. Except Benz has apricot ears. Yeah.

No. 4 - I thought of another item. Austin and Benz have become very close since we got Benz 1-2 years ago. They like to play together and, even when separated, they often remain close and keep an eye on each other. Benz has certainly helped make Austin a more active dog, keeping him on his toes. Overall, I'm rather glad we took Benz. He's a nice dog now and he's a good friend for Austin. Benz really has helped make my mom's household more of a family. He's also livened things up to no small degree.

Tomorrow Austin goes in for cataract surgery. The vision in one of his eyes is pretty much eclipsed by a cataract. Austin has had surgery before, most notably right after we got Benz, for non-passable kidney stones. Tomorrow's surgery shouldn't be too bad though I'm not sure yet if I'm going to go home sometime this weekend to visit him (and Benz and my mom). I have a BarBri Essay Advantage Session on Saturday. Maybe I'll go home afterwards and also work on that one remaining law school thing. Hmmm.

I'll have to see if I can get my hands on some computer pictures of the dogs. They are rather cute and photogenic.