Sunday, November 07, 2004

A Fellow UConn Law Blogger!

And the ironic element is that his blog pre-dates mine by a few months! I only found out by the Referrals listing on my Site Meter for this blog. Someone did a Yahoo! Search for blog and "uconn law" that lead them to my site. This other guy's site pops up in the results, too. The blog? Saucy Intruder. It's much more intellectual and law-oriented than this one. MUCH more. Go check it out! NOW. (Please?)

Anyone know of any other UConn Law Students blogging? I haven't come across any others (besides Saucy) yet.

Also note that I added links to your left not only for that blog but also for Trivial Pursuits, The Neutral Zone Trap and Ex Mea Sententia. Those three were well overdue.

ADDENDUM: And another, [REMOVED]. [10:18 AM, Nov. 8]

ADDENDUM II: Per the request of said "another," the reference has been removed. [5:59 PM, 1/03/07]