Sunday, November 07, 2004

Saw Has Seen Better Days

I saw Saw last Saturday (Oct. 30) with The Girl. Stars Cary Elwes, Danny Glover, Leigh Whannell, Ken Leung, Dina Meyer, and Monica Potter.

IMDB Plot Summary:
Adam (Leigh Whannell) and Dr. Lawrence Gordon (Cary Elwes) wake up chained to pipes at opposite ends of a dirty utility room. They soon learn that they have become the victims of the Jigsaw, a serial killer who devises intricate situations to get his victims to kill each other. Pitted against the clock and each other, the two must work to outwit their captor and save Gordon's family, who have been taken hostage by the killer.
IMHO, this movie fell far from the mark. It's a decent scary, thriller-type movie, not terribly unlike Se7en. However, unlike Se7en, Saw doesn't always set an appropriate mood or follow through with a little something I like to call common sense. There were numerous points where both The Girl and I were either laughing at something that should not have been humorous and/or we were sighing or scoffing at the distinct lack of "common sense" the characters were displaying. There were intentionally humorous moments, granted, but I don't think those should have been there either. They subverted the creepy mood that otherwise might have pervaded the whole movie. In addition, the ending leaves a lot to be desired. A number of questions and issues are unsatisfactorily unresolved. We looked at each other and shook our heads at the inane nature of its seeming conclusion.

I've heard some favorable reviews for Saw but I disagree. Strongly. If you want a scary, thriller, whodunit/whatsgoingon-type of movie along the lines of Se7en, go see Se7en. Seriously. The only good thing about Saw, other than the potential the story would otherwise have had without this production, is Cary Elwes, a favorite actor of mine. (Yay for The Princess Bride!!!)

ALAN'S MOVIE RATING: Cable-Worthy at best.