Sunday, November 14, 2004

"Not Without My Anus"

Title from a Terrance & Phillip movie-title from an episode of South Park.

A bit back, I mentioned a doctor's visit. Here's the lengthier, and probably undesired, explanation. I shall endeavor to not provide details when possible.

Back on Election Day (Nov. 2, a week ago Tuesday), I went to the walk-in medical center in Trumbull because I'd been suffering from diarrhea for the previous 3 weeks or so. The walk-in guy hypothesized that it might be a lower g-i (gastro-intestinal) bleed. That is, some part of my intestines was internally bleeding. Not a good thing. The good news, however, was that my case was relatively not bad, as in a slow bleed. My red cell count was down to 11-point-something where a reading in the 12 to 14 range was normal. If that count were below 10, my condition would be classified as serious or very not good. (I think you pass out around 8. Maybe.)

So, the walk-in doctor sent me to a doctor at the practice my regular doctor is at. This guy confirmed the prognosis and arranged for me to see a g-i specialist the next day, which I did. The g-i doctor suspected it was a form of colitis (aka a generic category for lower g-i bleeds) and this Tuesday I'll undergo a colonoscopy to confirm the prognosis.

The condition, should it only be colitis (vs. Crohn's disease, for example), is easily treatable by medication and not life-altering or anything like that. In the meantime, it's annoying as Hell. I've had to temporarily give up beer and coffee as they exacerbate my condition. I also can't contemplate exercise and prefer to stick around my apt. where the toilet paper is nice and soft (vs. businesses where the toilet paper is potentially only a few grades removed from sandpaper).

So there ya go. If you'd like further information, here's WebMD's main page on colitis. Notwithstanding any inquiries, that's probably the last you'll hear of this and the last you want to hear of it.