Monday, November 15, 2004


Despite my taking today and tomorrow off from school (see an earlier post for explanation), you will note a distinct lack of fervent posting. This can be attributed to: (a) my quasi-delicate physical condition at this time (you don't want to know), (b) the fact that home in Trumbull has digital cable TV and, hence, numerous additional movie channels to watch all day long, (c) laziness, (d) the Antitrust paper I should have been writing this morning when my physical condition wasn't so iffy, (e) err... more laziness, or (f) the excellent West Wing episode I watched on Bravo from 7-8pm. The choice is yours.

Expect lite (i.e. lighter than "light" is "lite") posting tomorrow too. Most likely for reason (a) only applied to me subsequent to things. I've heard I can expect memory loss (only of the relevant time I hope). Sounds like college party nights... except I don't quite remember all the details from those nights so there's an inherent assumption (and irony) to that analogy.