Monday, November 01, 2004


One of my favorite analogies comes from the movie The Replacements. When asked what they fear, Keanu Reeves eventually responds with "quicksand." What he means is when something goes wrong. Then something else also goes wrong. Before you know it, you start losing confidence and more things go wrong. It starts to feel like your sinking in quicksand, thrashing about as you try to find a way out, while all the time you sink further and further.

I feel like I'm in quicksand these days. I have so many things to do, to take care of, that cannot, should not or must not be ignored. Even as I occasionally struggle against this growing tide, I slip further and further down. To wit, I didn't turn in a rough draft of my Forensics paper. I didn't even work on it much at all yesterday. It's about 4 days overdue now and I'm well behind on it. Add in the numerous other things I have to do, and it feels overwhelming. Add in The Girl, just for fun, and it starts to feel... I dunno, tougher or harder or busier or... more tragic or... just more complicated (albeit more fun as well).