Sunday, November 14, 2004

We're Gonna Party Like It's 1999!

Earlier tonight I went to a party. It was an 80's party being co-sponsored by a 2L friend of mine. The reason I went was because I'd missed her previous party (and for no good reason, other than memory or a lackadaisical attitude) and I'd told her I'd show up. So, I went (by myself since none of the members of The Group cared to join me), hung out for a very brief time and left.

I didn't stay long. Why? So many reasons. It was very much not a 3L party so I really didn't know anyone there (or very few, if any). Granted it was an 80's affair with 80's music and some people dressed for that decade, but it was also a college-type party. That is, it was loud, cramped, hot and obnoxious. Definitely not my cup of tea. Long ago I learned that I am either unwilling or unable to "pick up women." After I learned that, it was no longer a reason for going to parties but rather a hope or dream in attending them. Nowadays, when I am well-versed in that aspect or lack thereof, I only go to parties to hang out with friends and relax. Ergo, no friends present, not a good party for me (absent other, exceedingly rare cause).

The party-attendance also reminded me, strongly, of my college experiences. Back then, and we're talking 1998-2001 (which excludes first semester Freshman year), I either went to parties my fraternity threw or hung out with my good friends. Other parties by other fraternities had no allure for me. At all. By Senior year, the only thing I did was hang out with my roommates, drinking beer or liquor and usually playing a game of quarters (at which we became extremely proficient). It was a blast and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Similarly, these days I hang out with my friends. I don't go to bars on Friday or Saturday nights because they're always packed. I prefer to go on less popular nights so I can just relax in my own time.

So I showed up at the party tonight, made sure my friend saw me, stayed a little bit more then left. And that was enough for me.