Sunday, November 07, 2004

State of the Girl

Things progress, time passes. We hang out much more frequently now, speak to each other almost every day, etc. We're still friends and "just friends." Interesting this week as, for the first time since the calling off of the engagement, she spoke with and hung out with her ex-fiancee. She says she has no desire whatsoever to rekindle that, and I believe her. When I met up with her on Saturday, she was exceedingly frustrated from her interactions with said ex-fiancee and reaffirmed that she "is not over him yet." She even used and/or mentioned the phrase "emotional baggage," just to give you an idea. This isn't surprising in the least seeing as she and him were friends for 5 years before being engaged. Even so, I find it annoying at times, almost like I'm being penalized for another guy's actions. So, she and I are friends though I like to imagine it could be, and might (eventually) become, something more.