Thursday, November 11, 2004

Observation for the Night

Photographs of dead people or bodies in movies: Okay.

Seeing real, actual, smelly dead people: Not so okay.

I'm heading out for a whiskey sour to cap off the night. Or maybe I should go for a car bomb? (Ba-dam-bum!)

ADDENDUM: This just in - I like whiskey sours. One stiff one (no chuckling) was enough to make my mind fuzzy enough that I'm not so worried about the MPRE (ethics exam) tomorrow. And Jerry Springer is on Whose Line. Yay. ::Sigh:: [10:12 PM]

ADDENDUM II: I'm actually mildly embarassed by my blog post from a few mornings ago. After consulting with counsel yesterday, I think I'm much better with the 'friend track' of things. Which is probably good. 'Cause it sounds like The Girl is otherwise occupied of late. Presumptively with her ex-fiancee. ::Sigh again:: [10:15 PM]