Thursday, November 18, 2004

A Few Thoughts

I'm not a hit-whore. (Link-whore? Search-whore? Whore?) I link to stories I think are interesting and/or amusing. Often I comment on them. Occasionally this can lead to a minor spike in readership as I link to or comment on something people are looking for. Like my post that mentioned the MNF Nicole Sheridan incident. Checking my Site Meter referral list, I see 18 searches leading to this blog based on that one small report. I find it rather disconcerting, especially since all I did was quote the CNN piece. Hell, I didn't even see the clip!

To the best of my knowledge, the most inbound-popular pieces for this blog are the two on Pop Rocks. Apparently those posts shows up pretty high for those searches.

Apologies for missing two weekly Top Ten Lists in a row now. As with my initial goal of at least one post a day, the weekly feature goal, too, seems to have fallen by the wayside. While minorly frustrating, especially given there's no good reason I can't have prepared Top Ten Lists, it's probably safe to assume this weekly feature has ceased to be weekly. As I come up with new lists, I shall endeavor to post them on Wednesdays.

I have a new installment (the third so far) of As The Gavel Strikes in the works. It's almost done. I'd probably have posted it today except I have about ten minutes left in Crim. Pro. and it's not ready yet. I spent the early portion of class skimming Rufus' & Jeremy's blogs. My weblog reading quotient has fallen dramatically of late. (Though I always have time to see if Soupie has a new JB up. After all, what's life worth living without JB?)