Thursday, November 04, 2004

Top Ten Signs You Probably Won't See On A Law School Campus

11. For a good time call Myrtle, Feinstein and Smith, Attorneys at Law.

10. Libel, Slander, Professor King Can't Teach Either

9. Icy Sidewalks Ahead (This Sign Courtesy of Smith & Johnson, LLP)

8. Falling Litigants Zone Ahead

7. Law Student Crossing: Break for students or suffer lawsuits.

6. Law Student Season Open! Limit: 10 per Hunter

5. Casebooks are for wimps!

4. Law Student Preserve: Please do not feed the prisoners.

3. UConn Law: A law school our basketball team can be proud of. (Actual slogan.)

2. This building protected by lawyers armed with subpoenas.

1. Law School Ahead – Enter At Your Own Risk