Monday, November 22, 2004

It's Deer Season! It's Wabbit Season! No, It's People Season!

Five hunters gunned down in Wisconsin woods -- Police: Dispute over deer stand apparently led to killings:
(CNN) -- Sheriff's deputies are investigating the killings of five hunters Sunday in northwest Wisconsin -- bloodshed apparently sparked by a dispute over a hunting spot. A suspect has been arrested.

"This is completely nuts," said Chief Deputy Tim Zeigle of the Sawyer County Sheriff's Department. "Why? I mean, five people dead because somebody was trespassing on property. It makes no sense."
"Apparently, the person was asked to leave and get out of his deer stand, and he didn't take it very well and he fired away at them," she said.
Veness said the killings have shocked Exeland, a village of 219 people about 135 miles northeast of Minneapolis.

"It just doesn't happen in this neck of the woods," she said. "We don't expect any of this to happen."
Right, 'cause when a hunter shoots people instead of deer in other states, that's completely expected. Uh huh.

As a non-hunting Northeasterner (read: Yankee who lives in or near a city), this just screams out to me of Darwinism and natural selection. (It does!)