Wednesday, November 24, 2004

WoW Rather Nice So Far!

As noted yesterday, World of Warcraft came out. I've played for 4-5 hours so far and hit level 7 out of 60. Here are my thoughts so far, given that I haven't even gotten out of the beginning areas yet.

First off, the interface is very intuitive and easy to use (pretty much unlike any other MMORPG I've played before). The game is fun and easy to navigate. There's an in-game map so you won't get lost. All of the item stats are easy to follow and easily noted. You have a rather limited inventory, only 16 slots to start, but you can equip up to 4 additional containers (bags). The tradeskills are easy to use although resource gathering will be a bit annoying as the nodes are randomly instanced in the world, as you play. Unlike Star Wars Galaxies, though, I don't see resource quality affecting product (yet at least) so that's nice if it's true. I've only played a human paladin so far but the downtime isn't bad and the game is fun. The only problem nowadays is lag and server population. As time passes and we move further away from the release, I anticipate this problem diminishing.

Btw, if you can stomach the cost ($50 up front, $13-15 per month), this is a good starter-MMORPG. The system requirements are a little high. My computer is at the low end but it still plays okay and is playable. I'll report back again when I've gone deeper in the game, possibly with some class-specific advice and notes.

(Official WoW Site) ( (WoW Vault) (WoW Stratics)

ADDENDUM: Of course the World Server (whatever that may be) is offline and I cannot play at the moment.

Also, don't be surprised if there are no new posts until the weekend due to the holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving! [5:42 PM]