Thursday, November 04, 2004

Ode to My Backpack

Oh blue, stitched and zippered appendage to my back,
How I have enjoyed your company.
Through the long days of school,
The walks through wind-blown dead leaves in the Fall,
The trudging through snow and ice in the Winter,
The damp days of Spring and the warm beginnings of Summer,
You have been my companion, confidant and container,
Lone witness to all my trials and tribulations.
For over eight years, you have been there,
Right behind me, lending your aid.
Your strength and resolve impressive
Even under the greatest weights and heaviest books.

Part of me hurt when one of your zippers broke.
Part of me broke as well.
But we forged on, the other zipper on that track towing the line.
And then, my greatest fear realized:
The other zipper, too, succumbed to time
And pressure
And the weight of its responsibilities.
So I fear it has finally come time,
Time to return you to your motherland,
Your home,
The Creator.
Soon you will begin your long journey.
Soon you will return to your origins.
I will mourn your passing.
Know that our time together has been among the best years in my life.
Know that you will not be forgotten,
Always remembered as one of my truest and dearest companions.
Know also that one of your siblings will rise up,
Not to replace you,
Never to replace you,
But to take over as best it can and carry your burdens.

Thank you, kind friend.
Without you, I know not what I would have done,
Where I would be,
Where my books would be.
Treasured, cherished and adored,
I only lament
You were not immortal.