Friday, January 28, 2005

The THL Yeti Meltdown

I may be a day or two late in posting this but the epic saga continues. (Also as reported by The Legal Reader.)

It began with this humorous post wherein THL (The Hot Librarian) related her gym encounter with a yeti-boot-wearing "man" named Roger.

Needless to say, her "incorrect" statement linking yetis to Antarctica (as opposed to the Himalayas) did not go unnoticed by Rufus (of Running With Lawyers fame) who pointed out the error in a comment.

Of course, THL responded in kind, leading to additional comments and additional meltdowns. (By the way, those are all links to specific comments so just read the whole line for the big picture.)

One might assume that by now THL is used to all this lawyerly attention to detail. Obviously not. By the time it's all said and done, one is left with a rather peeved (though hot) librarian. More specifically, a peeved (though hot), artistic librarian.

This of course means a follow up post by THL including some pictures of herself and one of Rufus. One can see THL learning the error of her ways as she thoughtfully includes all the background details that explain the various unique elements of her pictures. Little things such as a beagle named Elvis (decidedly not a basset hound; dog owner previously depicted here) and Rufus' man purse, tiara and knee pads indicate THL's position on the whole yeti-antarctica-polar-bear incident.

Subsequently, THL thoughtfully produced an MS Paint picture of Roger and his yeti boots. The supercharged tan and wrestling shirt certainly illustrate that this gym-goer is a "man's man" (if not a yeti-boot-wearing "man's man").

The icing on the cake comes from Rufus. A post of his formally announces the torrid love affair between him and THL. Thoughtfully, he includes a hand-drawn picture of his own showing himself, THL and their nice doggie. (Rufus is a sucker for the pups.)

At this point, it's difficult to tell who's the better artist, Rufus or THL. While THL seems to favor the computer-assisted pics, Rufus' homeschool drawing certainly expresses the growing love between these two blogophiles. (And his love of nice doggies.)

The latest item in this growing saga of love, redemption and yetis comes from THL's latest post wherein she not only opines on the wedding (date TBA) and her clothing selections for it (a Jurassic Park spitting-lizard-dress and a pair of pink and gray yeti-boots) but she also includes three documents Rufus sent her during their courtship. (And for the record, I'm not quite sure what Dylan did to earn her enmity and wrath. I'm sure he did something, I'm just not sure what precisely it was.) These documents (two short stories and a poem) clearly illustrate not only THL's dedication to her new-found beau but also why she should not be allowed continued access to a computer and/or the internet.

As you can see, this tale is not for the faint of heart. THL and Rufus' passionate affair stretches across the very bounds of civility. From yetis and polar bears to nice doggies, chickens, monkeys and disemboweled genatalia, this truly is a story for the ages. I can only hope that the love and ardor they feel sustains them in perpetuity. I wish them the best in their new life together and humbly request 15% of the gross profits from the made-for-TV movie that is sure to come. The Hot Librarian and The Yeti Lawyer: When Passions Collide.