Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The Blogroll

[Which is not a new sandwich bread but rather that column-thing to your left. Well, it's probably an actual "column with links in it" rather than a "column-thing" but it's definitely to your left. Unless you're reading this upside down. Or are drunk. Or terribly confused. If in doubt, smash monitor with forehead and all will become clear. Or broken. I lost the thread here, if indeed there was one to start with. If you happen to locate this wayward thread, please let me know. I shall pay you a handsome reward. Well, maybe not but I will be forever in your debt. Okay, maybe not that either. I'll provide a mystery reward. Maybe.]

I redid it a bit (the "column-thing"/"column with links in it"). Moved things around. Some up, some down, some sideways. (Hah! Just kidding.) Added the four I mentioned earlier. (And here I'm too lazy to relink them, especially since they were linked in an earlier post as a reminder. If you're really curious, either scroll down, look in the archives for last week or start clicking!) If I moved your link up, congrats! If I moved it down, rot in Hell. Well, I don't actually mean you any ill but I suppose "too bad" shall suffice. If it's of any consolation, I tried grouping like-minded links together in a better manner.