Monday, January 24, 2005

The Morning

My response upon checking the weather and learning it's 1 outside (knowing I'll be walking to school in ~30 min. or so): "Oh f***, it's cold."

I cleaned my apt. for a Saturday night soiree (aka fiesta, party, gathering) here. I'm always shocked when I do so and the place looks clean. Makes me wonder how I let it get so messy in the first place so as to necessitate an extended cleaning. It's also nice to look around at bare carpet and clean tables. It *looks* clean. Shocking! Yeah, so if you were in the Hartford area, I could invite you over now since the place is presentable. Pretty cool to be able to say that.

And in other news, it appears as though reports of a fixed dishwasher were greatly exaggerated. This is bothering me since I don't have any clean plates or silverwear. Plus I'm rapidly going through all my clean glasses. You know, the collection of beer-branded ones I picked up last year at the local pub. (That is, "picked up" as in "purchased as part of specials," not "procured with a five-finger discount.") I may have to start going back on Tuesday nights for more glasses. (Not that I really need them or have anywhere to store them. Then again, that doesn't stop me from buying DVDs or action figures so why should it stop me from obtaining more beer glasses?)