Wednesday, January 26, 2005

A Snowy Morn'

The good news is that I didn't wear boat shoes while clearing off my car this morning.

More quasi-good news since morning classes were cancelled.

Quasi-bad news in that I forgot to check the snow line and learn of said cancellation before showing up to class. (There were four of us there including the teacher. Then one of us not being me called the snow line. Now none of us are in class right now.) has a prediction of 2-4 inches today. I think it will be more. We've already gotten at least an inch and there's no sign of it slowing.

I'll look outside at lunchtime but I doubt I'll be heading in to work this afternoon. It's not so much the bad driving weather as parking 10 min. away and having to walk to and from the office for 3 hours of work.

Don't forget! A new West Wing episode tonight!