Thursday, January 13, 2005

Mental Note

Sites to add to the blogroll:

The Hot Librarian

Zen of Design

Easily Distracted

Online Alchemy

I also need to tidy it up a bit. Reorder things and such.

I'll be cleaning out my school e-mail account sometime soon. Expect a flood of miscellaneous things that I e-mailed to myself (links and stories and such). I'll probably put them up in separate posts/batches as I go through my Inbox. What finally instigated this "Spring Cleaning" was a notice that my e-mail account had been closed due to its enormous size. I deleted all my Sent Mail so that I could at least receive new e-mails and reply to them. Time to comb through 110+ pages of e-mails (with 25 on a page, I think).