Tuesday, January 18, 2005

My Spring Classes

For my last semester of law school I will be taking the following:
  • Copyright Seminar

  • Federal Income Tax

  • Right to Privacy Seminar

  • The Legal Regulation of Art/Public Culture
As you can see it's a pretty IP-heavy schedule. The Copyright Seminar is one of the more popular classes on campus and should be fun. I feel like I already know a fair bit about Copyright, from my past classes and from my work experience, but I figure more can't hurt. (Can it?)

I'm taking Fed. Tax because I think I should. It would probably be good for me to know something about taxes and how to do my own tax return should I ever wish to do so. (Not that I do so wish or am inclined to do so.)

The Privacy Seminar is another one I'm not to sure about. I've already taken Media and the Law which dealt with some privacy aspects. Similarly, I don't imagine there's much one can do with privacy in the home, i.e. the bedroom, since it's a moderately stagnant topic. I'm hoping the course will hit some more technological areas since those are the emerging, controversial topics (in my opinion, at least).

The Art/Public Culture Seminar looks interesting. The books appear to cover such diverse topics as the National Endowment for the Arts, IP "ownership" of cultural aspects and technology. Plus I've had this professor before so I have a vague notion of how the class will be. Should be *very* interesting.

As you can see, I managed to take 3 seminars. I actually haven't had many before and I'm looking forward to them. My class schedule is nice, I only have classes Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I figure I'll work 3 hours on Wednesday and then all day Friday. That still leaves a three-day weekend, four if I cut Friday short. I'm afraid I'm going to need the days, though, since I have tons to do and a relatively short span of time in which to do them (the tons).

Today I have Copyright and Fed. Tax. Judging from the classroom assignments, it looks like I'll be able to post in Fed. Tax. Depending how stressful that class is, you may see a post from me tonight.