Tuesday, January 04, 2005

WoW Update

In between movie reviews. Paladin up to level 43 and 232 (soon to be 234+) Blacksmithing, specialized as a Weaponsmith. At 235 I can make The Shatterer, The Phantom at 245 (req. level 44), Blight at 250 (req. level 45) and the Truesilver Champion at 260 (req. level 47). Last night I learned that Badlands + Mount = Mining Paradise. I harvested 13 Iron, over 40 Mithril and 7 Truesilver over an hour or more. Easy. Also got my mining up to 254+ so I can now mine and (once I train it) smelt Thorium. Fun!

Soon (maybe) I'm going to have to start working on my Priestess. She's only level 10 right now with Alchemy at ~100. I'm going to need her at 40 and with Alchemy 225+ so she can transmute metals for me when I get there. Granted that's a bit down the road but not all that far. Too bad my guild doesn't have another Alchemist (or an Alchemist to be frank).

We now return you to your regularly scheduled movie reviews already in progress.