Monday, January 24, 2005

Subway's Jared

It's nice to see that Subway is still using Jared as a spokesperson. I mean, the fact that he lost a ton of weight (or 235 lbs., whichever is less) by eating at Subway never gets old. His zany antics and incredible tale just warm the Hell out of the cockles of my heart (See Dennis Leary's Asshole). How can you fail to be inspired by his story? ...That is unless he's been their spokesperson for so long that it's no longer interesting, amusing, inspiring or worth promoting to death. Not unlike those lame Geico Gecko commercials. Nowadays, more annoying than anything else. Annoying as in I'd-rather-red-hot-skewers-through-my-eyes annoying.

Man, I watch too much TV. But that doesn't include mornings between 7 and 9am, when Buffy is on.