Tuesday, January 18, 2005

A Class Conversation I Would Like To See

[N.B. I found this while rifling through computer files. I don't think I posted it.]
Professor: Bob, what can you tell us about the next case?

Bob: I’m sorry but my lawyer forbids me from commenting until after the trial.

P: What?

B: I can’t talk about that case. Until after the trial that is.

P: You can’t talk about a search and seizure case relating to a murder weapon?

B: Right.

P: Because you have a case pending on that topic?

B: Yes.

P: And your lawyer forbids you from commenting?

B: Correct.

P: [Stunned silence.]

P: Okaaaaaay… Ummm… Sally, do you have a case pending on this topic?

Sally: No, my case settled.
Happy first day of Spring Semester Classes UConn Law!