Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Male Behavior Partially Dissected

Last week over at Will Work For Favorable Dicta, E.Spat asked
"for all [her] favorite male bloggers to take one aspect of male behavior and explain it in depth."
Admittedly, part of me was tempted to give it a go at addressing some part of this but that was until I read Soupie's response. (For the record, Mr. P[oon] had some excellent things to say in the comments to Soupie's response.)

There's not much more I can offer. While I disagree on some of Soup's lesser points (me not being a huge fan of wings, for example), I cannot argue with his overall conclusions. Pretty much spot on.

Soupie's response led me to a definition and a theory, Intellectual Whores and The Ladder Theory respectively. More on those another time, another post.