Friday, December 01, 2006

As Quick As I Can

'Cause then I'm out of here.

eboy pixel posters.

"I like my wine French, my beer German, my vodka Russian, and my judicial system American." -- Chief Justice Roberts (second-hand source: TVC)

"A very interesting exchange between Seventh Circuit Judges Posner and Easterbrook in the majority, and Judge Evans in the dissent, about what courts should do about certain kinds of procedural errors by lawyers." Also known as "learning about diversity jurisdiction the hard way." (Volokh at TVC)

In case you ever wondered about the etymology of the word "bootylicious", TVC has got you covered.

The Economics of Long-Distance Relationships (TVC) -- applying economic theories to long-distance relationships. Rather interesting.

Nails (PopSci) you should build your house with. Seriously.

What's your seduction style? (I haven't had a chance to actually take the quiz yet.)

"Fantasies Shattered Daily" -- Greystone Inn by Brad Guigar (5/13/04)

i heart pixels -- A blog by the artist of diesel sweeties. Has some pixel art.

Sohmer of LICD:
I don’t know why they call them bachelor parties, I really don’t. If it was up to me (as everything should be), people would refer to these events as “seeing how drunk you need to get your friend in order to convince him that sleeping with a prostitute is a good idea while filming the whole thing” parties.
LtB: Class Action Alleges Guacamole Dip Was Insufficiently Avocadoey

Scott Adams at TDB recalls a conversation with his wife, Shelly:
Last night we were having some quality time alone at home and I made the mistake of writing myself a note while Shelly was still talking. She asked me what the note was about. I proudly told her it was about Vladimir Putin and how two of his critics were recently poisoned. It would make a great blog topic. I was quite pleased with myself, until Shelly asked, “Is that what you were thinking about while I was talking?”

Now let me explain something to the single men out there. If you think there’s an easy way to explain to your wife why you were thinking of Vladimir Putin while she is telling you about her feelings, you would be totally wrong. And I hadn’t practiced that conversation so I was caught unprepared. I think I said something along the lines of “I only think of Russian politics during the gaps between your words.” But apparently I’m supposed to be using that time just waiting around.
J!NX has WoW goodies for sale.

An article/interview over at about "Make Love, Not Warcraft," the South Park episode on WoW.

I'm outta here. So long suckers!