Friday, December 15, 2006

Quickly First

Smurf 'n Turf is funny. (Get Fuzzy, 12/15/06)

I should probably be reading Dandy & Company.

Tycho of Penny Arcade clued me into Pirates Online, an online game from SOE based on the Pirates Collectible Strategy Game.

Sohmer was a little pensive over at LICD:
It’s an odd thing to do I think, when you’re forced to look at who you are, who you’ve become. It’s even weirder to try and piece together how you became that way, this way. A thousand little forks in the road, a million tiny events are all responsible for who you see every time you look in the mirror.

I think it’s something important to think about, and it’s also something I’ve forced myself not to do for a good many years. I’ll be sharing more thoughts in this vein as the storyline continues, which is far, far from over.

In any event, let me thank you folks for giving us the opportunity to do this arc, it’s important to me, more so than you’ll know.

Oh, and it is true what they say about me by the way, I do have the soul of a poet…the mouth of a sailor after 11 months at sea, but the soul of a poet.
He speaks truth.

End this post, begin next.