Thursday, December 07, 2006

Must Go Faster

Tim of CAD relayed that NBC has all 11 Heroes episodes available for viewing (free).  If you haven't been keeping up, now is a good time to remedy that.  The show is on hiatus until Jan. 22 so you have some time.

Brad at Evil Inc. has a number of news items.

CBR has an interview with Scott Kurtz about PvP: The Animated Series.

Spider-man 3 may be it for Tobey Maguire.

Chris Eliopoulos has an essay about perception in and of the comic book industry.  (Not a bad read if you catch his comment.  It identifies the overall direction he intended for the post and places his whiney rant in a much better context.)

Richard at ds is asking for write-ins (to newspapers) from his readers.  I've gotta do this one before I forget.

LICD is featuring a live Dear Rayne Show Friday night at 11pm EST.  I'm going to try and tune in for this one.  It looks to be as "provacative" (i.e., raunchy, crude, crass, amusing...) as the comic series.

Tobold highlighted GuildCafe, a social network for online gamers (currently in beta).

Evan at LU links to a Rolling Stone interview with Sacha Baron Cohen (not in character, e.g., as Borat).  (Evan also has some other interesting links on that page.)

LTB discusses an accused serial pig-tosser.

And two Overheards, quick - one and two.

¡Adios muchachos!