Friday, December 29, 2006

This Week In Miscellany II

This Week's Album/Anthem: Guster's "Ganging Up on the Sun"

From this Newbury Comics advert I learned about a series of performances by The Dresden Dolls in Boston. While I am not, as such, a huge fan of theirs, I would still like to go see them, preferably with one or more friends. Desafordunatamente (unfortunately), their music (I've listened to snippets on iTunes) is rather avant-garde (somewhat goth), thus limiting the number of friends I would ask to accompany me. I think I'll call The Lawless One tonight (Tues.) and see if he and his fiancĂ© might be interested. Plus, he's over halfway to Boston as it is – might not be much of a stretch for him to go.

A blog – Overlawyered – that might be worth following and/or adding to my links column (plus the Lowering the Bar guy is guest blogging there this week).

This Slashdot post lead me to an interview with author Gerard Jones subtitled 'Sex, Violence, Tension and Comic Books,' in which the author of "Killing Monsters" eloquently discusses violence and games.

This BoingBoing post which led me to find this Terra Nova post about Second Life's misrepresented population numbers. Can't say as it interests me terribly other than in consideration of good metrics to use. I'm not convinced that such numbers must be standardized, though I suspect it would make for much better comparisons if they were.

This BoingBoing post led to this Wired article which describes how NOT to disable your new, RFID-laden passport. I certainly do not endorse, support or suggest any such course of action. At all. ...Although I will note that I am no fan of this particular RFID initiative and that the post discusses various applications of a hammer that may or may not have to do with RFID-laden passports. (I'm just sayin'.)

This BoingBoing post relates how the DOD created a Gilgamesh-based training video that describes post-deployment health evaluation procedures.

And this BoingBoing post led me to Devout Dolls and Stuffed Oddities By Sara Lanzillotta. They look pretty interesting. May have to get one at some point.

Kristopher at Half Pixel discusses The Death of Politeness (primarily in relation to the internets).

xkcd has a funny comic on dreaming. Reminds me of a quote from Sandman, from vol. 1: Preludes & Nocturnes, "The Sound of Her Wings":
DEATH: ... gets me down, too. Mostly they aren't too keen to see me. They fear the sunless lands but they enter your realm each night without fear.

MORPHEUS: And I am far more terrible than you, my sister.
SpikeTV will be debuting a new cartoon, Afro Samurai, on Thursday, January 4 at 11:00pm. I want to check it out. I think Samuel L. Jackson provides the voice for the main character (or at least he's associated with it in some manner).

Overheard 1:
Manager #1: So, what do we do if any of our employees don't show up for the mandatory Ethics Training?

VP: You direct them to the supplemental Ethics Training, online.

Manager #2: Couldn't we just write their names in on the sign-in sheet and say that they were at the ethics thing?

Overheard 2:
Project manager: Man, my partner nailed me in the ass last night! [Shocked coworkers stare.] Tennis... We were playing doubles tennis!

Overheard 3:
Coworker over intercom: It's been brought to our attention that there is a downed power line in the courtyard. Please avoid it when walking between buildings.

[Five minutes later] An addendum to the last message: Please avoid walking between buildings if possible.

[Five minutes more, fire alarm going off] Okay everyone, we're going to evacuate Building One*. Everyone please calmly make your way to Building Two*.

Boss screaming in background: No, no! The other door! Not that way!