Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Getting There

I eventually want to comment on NYC banning trans fats.

I should visit Rotten Tomatoes more often for my movie information needs.

And I want to blog about Pathfinder (which is due out on January 12).

I should visit Comic Book Resources more often for my comic book information needs.

Brad Guigar clued me in that Bill Amend (of Foxtrot fame) is only going to do Sunday (starting next year I think). Rather sad, really. Foxtrot is an excellent comic and I thoroughly enjoy(ed) reading new ones on a daily basis.

I also have good news to announce but not right now.

"Because if you stop wearing shirts, you'll probably stop wearing pants, and nobody wants that." -- Ctrl+Alt+Del (banner ad)

"There's something wrong with you." -- xkcd (12/06/06)

My things-to-do-this-week was modified a bit today. I'm down to two conversions, two Office Actions and one nonprovisional. (But I now also have more things to do next week.)

And I'm gone.

ADDENDUM: Whoah. I just moved the blog to Blogger beta. I've been holding off for a while for no good reason. But then I read that all blogs will eventually move to the beta so I might as well do that now. Looks pretty cool. A lot of new, pretty buttons to push. I wonder what this one does... [8:54 PM]