Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year's to all!

And what shall I be doing this New Year's Eve? The same thing I've done almost every New Year's Eve for the past.. 9 years or so - absolutely nothing noteworthy! (The exception in the past 9 years being one New Year's that I spent at a law school friend's parents' house with her, another law schooler - now her husband - and her relatives.)

Where have I spent other past New Years'? Errr.. at home, in my apartment, in a game world (DAoC, SWG, WoW). Yep, that's about it. I'll save the post about me being generally depressed in December-February (inclusive) for another post, after New Year's. For tonight, you party!

By the by, I was invited to one party tonight. (Said invitation having been given about 35 min. ago or so.) The party is 1 hour away (travel time-wise) and I would know one person there, the host. Although I appreciate the invite, no thanks. I prefer the individual loneliness I'm accustomed to than the loneliness found in being alone amongst others.

Quick Note for any friends reading this: I'm still on the lookout for anyone to go see The Dresden Dolls with me next weekend. The Lawless One is busy that weekend (and I am busy the following weekend) and I am awaiting word from The Actuary (said word forthcoming tomorrow, hopefully). If anyone else is interested, send me an e-mail asap at the e-mail address listed here.

ADDENDUM: The Actuary, his girlfriend and I are there. If I remember, I'll post a review/report/whatever. (5:01 PM, 1/01/07)