Monday, December 18, 2006

Paperclip Stampede

I'm going to change the subtitle in a few minutes. This one managed to hold on for two weeks, largely due to my forgetting to change it last Monday.

By the by, the old quote, here preserved for addition to the quotations page:

"Beloved by humans, envied by trolls." -- Honda (car commercial)

That quote just struck me as an odd bit of marketing. It's a commercial that features a troll envying the humans for their car, which is, obviously, a Honda. Yes, because I base my car-purchasing on the opinions of trolls. Relevancy? -11. Even so, a mediocre-enough commercial, especially for providing me with a quote.

The soon-to-be-new subtitle:

"I'm very discreet... but I will haunt your dreams." -- The 40 Year Old Virgin

I was watching that movie on Saturday night, while sitting on the couch with the two dogs. I love the movie, though some day I have to see from 0:15 to 1:00 (time-wise). I've seen the first 15 min. and the last 30-45 min., just not the middle part before that. It's kind of bothering me. Some day I'll buy the DVD and just watch it.

In response to zuska's question left in a comment to this post ("So, are you gonna get your own place?"), chances are that I am not or at least not in the next 6 months or so.

I've been thinking about this on and off – when am I going to move out? And while there are plenty of good reasons to do so, there are plenty more for not moving out. Truthfully, the savings on rent and the extra perks (e.g., mom making dinner, helping me out with some errands, doing the grocery shopping) do play a role, but they're not the main reason. I'm home because it helps my mom out a lot. And I mean a lot with all sorts of bold, underline, italics, etc. I'm giving her a rent-like payment (less than actual rent in the area, though) every month so that's helping her meet ends. I help with the dogs and running errands. And we're also just general company for one another. It's a little bit sad but neither of us has a particularly strong social life and there really isn't any other family nearby. We are our family, her and I. I've lived on my own before for 3 years and I know where that road leads (e.g., dirty kitchens, not buying groceries for 1-2 weeks on end, lots of take-out).

Besides, the dogs would miss me.

And, again, truthfully, she's not pressuring me to move out and I'm not regularly feeling like I need to. So, for now, it's not urgent. I know that this could (probably will) affect my attempts at dating, but being home with my mom is important to me now. It was important during the year off between college and law school. It's important because my dad isn't here (he died in '01). It's important because otherwise she's on her own. Almost completely. And I don't want her to have to deal with that, not yet, not while I can be home.

So I'll stay for now. I can't stay indefinitely, I know that, but for now, since I'm already here, and since there's no huge pressure to move out (no great reason that overrides the reasons to stay), I will stay. And I'm going to maintain that I'm not a "momma's boy" or such. I think my reasons are valid and they're not just for mooching, for the benefits it provides. It's more for the benefits I can provide her. (Hey, the dogs can be rough to handle on one's own!) And if some woman (more likely, women) I meet or date can't deal with that based on my reasons and background, too bad.

I will move out. Probably within a year or so. Just not yet.

Also, I signed up with The e-mail was real (or seems to be). Just strikes me as terribly odd. But I'll reply tonight and send her a photo of me (and put some photos up). *shrug* More on another time. Back to work!