Friday, December 15, 2006

Why You Should Already Be Reading Diesel Sweeties

And just to be absolutely clear, this has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the Secret Satan contest. Nothing whatsoever, damnit!!! And I am definitely not writing this post today because said Secret Satan contest ends today. Nope, not at all. Wouldn't dream of it. The merest thought hasn't crossed my mind. However, all that being said... rstevens Clango *


"Why You Should Already Be Reading Diesel Sweeties" by Alan

Because it is pixilated robot romance incarnate.

Because you like poking things with a stick.

Because you wish you knew a robot like Clango.

Because she owns an orbital laser and isn't afraid to use it.

Because you too already use machines for pleasure. (Okay, okay, entertainment at the very least!)

Because she's a tatooed ex-porn star turned lesbian with a drinking problem. (It's true!)

Because it's Friday and you're done working for the week (even if it is 3:30 in the afternoon).

Because the author is a little bit crazy. (But in a good way, not the cross-the-street-to-avoid-him one.)

Because androids do dream of electric sheep (and so can you).

Because the titles alone can be entertaining .

Because with your ass and my brains, we're gonna make millions.

Because there's a character called "Nipples the Bear".

Because bacon is a vegetable.

Because it can be dirty.

Because one day the machines will take over.

Because Chewie is my co-pilot.

Because it can be punny.

Because I'm a rocker, I rock out.

Because it's festive!

Because I could go on surfing through the over-1600 comics in the archives to keep linking you excellent ones that you should read when you should be doing that yourself.


*For the record, I actually did consider a non-asskissery post except the comic is just that good and entertaining and you really should be reading it.