Friday, December 15, 2006

The Lowdown

Because "updown" just sounds funny.

eHarmony reset my test so I can take it again and see if I'm truly unmatchable by their system.

Someone on sent me an e-mail only since I'm not a subscriber I can't read the damned thing. I find it difficult to believe someone e-mailed me there considering I didn't even post a photo. Even so, because it would drive me crazy otherwise, I'm going to end up giving them money and signing up for 3 months just to see who e-mailed me. (I'd sign up for 1 month but their pricing is so skewed that for only.. $21 more I get 3 months.)

Yesterday, the partners took us out to lunch at a local restaurant. Very nice lunch!

And I have to put up a DS post for Secret Satan today. Ugh.

Also, the Painkiller Jane movie on the SciFi Channel stunk. Absolutely.

However The Lost Room miniseries was excellent!!! Very good.