Thursday, March 01, 2007

Errr... whoops?

Someone found this blog by Googling alan eharmony. Honestly, I hadn't thought about my eHarmony matches finding my blog. Of course, this is the first time (or at least the first that I know of) and I have no assurance that the person who did find this blog was an eHarmony match of mine. But it's certainly something I should be aware of.

I don't think I'll change anything or do anything in response. I've never tried to make this blog truly anonymous and I'm constantly aware of this. If someone finds this blog by performing a search like the one above, then bully for them. They get a sneak peak at my insanity thoughts. Besides, I haven't (yet) blogged about any specific eHarmony matches. Of course, I also haven't reached Open Communication with any eHarmony matches (yet). *sigh*