Sunday, March 18, 2007

Quick Note(s)

I owe you two Miscellany posts, the contents of which I have queued up but unformatted/linked. Even having the contents, it takes me a good 25+ min. to assemble it all. Those will be forthcoming, as overdue as they are.

Incidentally, the reason they're overdue is because my blogging time is very reduced of late. Weekday posting is generally limited to pre-work and post-work hours as work is insanely busy. This is a good thing, believe it or not.

I have plans in the back of my head to update the links menu based on the Miscellany, e.g., add Warren Ellis' blog; add Warren Ellis' Second Life Reuters column to the weeklies; add non-Warren Ellis things, etc.

The Dreamfather bit will stay up until it ceases to amuse me. BOW BEFORE THE DREAMFATHER.

I've been playing Titan Quest: Immortal Throne of late. Well, actually, I've been leveling up a new char but same diff. My WoW time is greatly diminished, as in to zero. I'm contemplating reducing game time and instead watching more movies (DVDs) and reading more. These would be good things, too.

This post is back-dated to predate the immediately-following post as I prefer that one to lead the page rather than this one.

I'll try to remember to snag photos of the frames prints. Of course, that would require me charging my digital camera and learning how to download pictures from it. These are things I should probably do regardless of framed prints. The framed prints should be ready next month (early April). I swear, they're going to look very nice. Worth-the-money nice? Too soon to say and I'm sure most would say "no" anyways. But then again, I haven't learned money conservation yet so why should I start now? (Plus, the 58% off coupon I have was only good through the end of March.)