Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I found a post ("I Shoulda Been a Vengeance Demon") over at MY URBAN KVETCH that piqued my interest:
"Every little day, the same arrangement, I go out and fight the fight. Still I always feel this strange estrangement, nothing here is clear, nothing here is right..."

If you sang the above quote while pretending you were a petite, blonde vampire slayer who had been brought back from the grave by well-meaning friends, you might just belong at the Buffy Singalong, which has officially been noticed in this article in the NY Times [registration required]. The article tells me that the show is monthly, and that the February showing was sold out.

*pause* *breathe* *pause*


Apparently, there's a monthly BUFFY SING-ALONG! at the IFC Center in the West Village (NYC). Here's the page that lists the next showing (March 23 and 24 at midnight).


(Sorry, that last one just sorta slipped out.) The sing-along is based on "Once More With Feeling," a musical episode from the sixth season which was also released as a soundtrack. The NY Times describes it so:
Ever since, this "Rocky Horror Picture Show" for the postmodern set has been gaining steam, with the February rendition marking the fifth monthly, over-the-top, costumed, live-cast, sold-out, audience-interactive midnight performance.

[Clinton McClung] is ushering it onto stages around the country. The show has played in Huntington on Long Island, Chicago, Tucson, Pittsburgh and Austin. Mr. McClung, who said he has a licensing agreement with the distributor of the television program, is planning a national tour this summer.

Each guest received a red plastic goody bag filled with bubble soap, vampire teeth, party poppers shaped like champagne bottles, and a rule sheet. The first rule: sing along. Others included shouting "Shut up, Dawn!" in response to the comments of Buffy’s clueless younger sister.
CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?!?? First an Evil Dead Musical and now this!!! WOOT!

All I have to do now is find a friend or two to go with me. I will definitely catch one of these, though. I must.

ADDENDUM: Two things. One, it's a little disconcerting to call a friend, ask them to call you, and then have them know why you're calling when they call you back. Of course, that's only because GamerGirl (The Actuary's girlfriend) read this blog and guessed why I was calling...

Two, WOOT! I just spoke with Mr. The Actuary and he and GamerGirl would like to attend the May showing of the Buffy Sing-along with me! WOOT AGAIN! I have friends who are just as loony as I am! (Is that a relief or a sign that we should form a secret cabal with aspirations of world domination? Incidentally, I vote for the latter.)

If anyone else reading this would be interested in joining us for the May Buffy goodness, just drop me a line. Although if you're a friend of mine who's reading this (i.e., not The Actuary or GamerGirl), I kind of doubt you want in. Pretty much every other friend of mine has looked at me funny when I either (a) espouse the virtues of Buffy; (b) play the audio tracks from the Buffy musical episode; and/or (c) sing along with said audio tracks.

One more WOOT! Yay for Buffy! [10:04 AM, 3/08/07]

ADDENDUM: Because someone recently stumbled across this post from a Google search, so I stumbled across the official Buffy Sing-A-Long site. You can find the upcoming sing-a-longs on that site with options to purchase tickets in advance. It's playing in Boston, NYC, Chicago, Indianapolis, Denver, D.C., Pasadena, Portland and tons more places. BUFFY! [10:35 PM, 3/18/07]