Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Open Communication

Yesterday, I heard back from an eHarmony match, thus pushing the chain into the fourth step called "Open Communication." Basically, it's open communication (e-mails/messages) via eHarmony's system.

I am now faced with the somewhat-daunting task of crafting a quasi-introductory e-mail.

When drafting such original works, I tend to have to balance between various competing inclinations. For example: (1) reveal more about myself (even if it's only providing additional details about already-known things, such as my employment); (2) be witty, humorous and/or mildly entertaining; (3) don't come off as a deranged lunatic who has recently escaped from an asylum. Of the three, it's finding a happy combination of (2) and (3) that occasionally eludes me.

I can come off as witty or humorous or mildly entertaining. That's pretty easy since it's a relatively natural tendency. (Or so I would have you believe.) Rather, it's occasionally difficult trying not to concurrently appear as a wild marsupial. (See, that last comment squarely rests in the "deranged lunatic" category as it's probably best not to mention marsupials in Open Communication unless she brings them up first.) I think that sometimes, sometimes I really shine when my mild humorousity (e.g., wittiness) is coupled with a small dose of my own peculiar form of insanity (e.g., to wit, marsupials). It's probably a bit difficult for me to explain but I bet my friends would readily understand what I'm trying to communicate.

IN ANY CASE, based on the above, I sometimes find it tricky to craft introductory e-mails. However, since not writing them isn't an option, I'll end up producing one regardless. I can only hope that it includes anywhere from none to a miniscule amount of my dementia, lest the woman be incited to flee for the hills (with my marsupials, I fear).

ADDENDUM: Okay, okay, truth be told, some of this insanity is an incipient reaction to the whole "communicating with an unknown female" thing. Yes, it is something I find uncomfortable and not a little bit frightening. However, I have made it a goal (for myself in general) not to shy away from confronting things that scare me or cause me discomfort. Each time it gets easier, and each time I become more capable (in general, again). It's also a measure of confidence – in myself and my abilities – that I confront the unknown (per se), do the best I can and learn from the encounter.

Yes, I am also putting off the whole drafting thing by writing this post and addendum. Bite me.

ADDENDUM II: I sent the first message. It ended up being very middle of the road and probably a little too bland. Still, I wasn't sure what else to write or include. I kept it short, included a few questions (nothing deep) and.. well, I'll just hope for the best. I think I managed to convey a modicum of wit without any concurrent insanity. *shrug* [9:44 PM]