Saturday, March 31, 2007

Brief State of the State

or: Random Bits of Stateliness

My eHarmony contacts have stalled, more or less. The one Open Communication I had languishes in non-responsiveness or at least exceedingly-slow responsiveness. I suspect I may have revealed too much of my personal brand of humor (or what passes for it with me) in my last communiqué.

Although I met up with movie.girl 2 weeks ago, she has not called me since (and my parting words were "Call me"). I'm honestly not sure why. *shrug* Maybe I'll call her next week. Or maybe I'll let it go another two weeks just because.

I think I found something to engage me and occupy some spare time. I will not reveal it here because.. err... I don't want to.. yet.

Passover starts Monday night. This is truly exciting. 8 days of non-bread ahoy! Yay matzah?

Work has been going well of late. They shortened my leash a bit but it worked - I'm much more on top of things. I also generally feel better, overall, because work is going well. I suspect that if things stay at this "good" level, work may not be odious by any degree and I will feel better in total. I cannot help but think that this is a step in the right direction.

I bought more graphic novels today at the "local" comic book store. In this case, "local" means 15 miles and 20-25 minutes of driving (one way). Unfortunately, this is as local a store as I am currently aware. Fortunately, the store is excellent. Unfortunately, this means a not-insubstantial charge to my credit card. Ah well.

My framed art should be ready next week. YAY! I think the framed art-readiness will coincide with me learning how to actually work my digital camera. I plan on sharing the art goodness with you, faithful readers, as well as the comic book company from whom the art was purchased.

I am tired.