Friday, April 06, 2007

More With Movie.girl

Well, on Monday night, during a lull in the after-dinner Passover Seder festivities, movie.girl called me and invited me to a play on Wednesday night at the Schubert theatre in New Haven. (She had purchased the tickets far in advance at a nice discount.) A review of the play ("Doubt") is forthcoming (at some point).

After the play, we sat in a nearby restaurant, drinking beer and coffee and talking at great length. Incidentally, at that time I reminded her of my blog so she may very well be reading this. (If so, hello!)

It's always a bit odd, movie.girl and I. We both share a similar taste and interest in movies. We get along incredibly well. It's always been such a weird kind of thing, truly. We can talk about anything and everything excepting a small portion of truth (i.e., anything "us"-related). And I always enjoy time spent together. Always.

I am somewhat hesitant to relate any further specifics regarding either our topics of conversation or my impressions and thoughts relating to movie.girl (at least based on the above reminder). I think it will suffice, for the moment and the here, to observe that she is a very good friend of mine – one of those people who I can lose touch with for a while then reconnect with no sense of discomfort or disconnect. It's a quality I only find in my truest of friends, the ones who know me (the real me) better than most.