Friday, March 09, 2007

The Dreamfather: Birth of a Meme

I'd previously heard about this from Mr. Southworth (of Ugly Hill infamy) in his news postings. However, today he provided an excellent paragraph with links, lovingly reproduced here since I cannot seem to find anywhere that Said Southworth stores his own news posts. (The lunkhead!)
Also! I've been meaning to get to this all week, but I've had shirts on the brain. Loyal reader and legendary 1920s amputee Slovakian pugilist Benjamin Hayden has made another one of his amazing Ugly Hill sculptures! [See above.] This time he's rendered the Dreamfather, that mysterious figure that appeared licking an eyeball lollipop in Eli's prophetic dream some weeks ago. As always, I encourage you to take this burgeoning Internet Meme and make it your own!
Has this finally inspired me to get off my ass and be creative? Only time will tell, faithful readers. (In other words, not yet.)

More importantly, after clicking through and reading about the wondrous creation that is The Dreamfather, has it inspired you to contribute to this up-and-coming meme?