Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dream A Little Dream Of Me

In the past few days, I've had at least 3 dreams that I vaguely remember.

One had me and one or two women battling a zombie infestation in a building I thought was a mall but resembled an office building (with hallways, etc.). Getting past the slow-moving menaces, getting to the elevator and in it with the two women, heading down to the ground floor (to escape?).

The second had me on a first date with a woman that involved meeting her family at their home (her home?). It was a moderately pleasant atmosphere and event.

The third had two parts, the first (and primary) which since has been forgotten. The second part involved me playing tennis with one of my bosses. I was making some incredible shots even though we were only trying to rally. I kept making them, my boss would sort of smile at me (in a joking, somewhat-disapproving manner) and I was disappointed in myself. But then I kept making good shots.

Kind of weird. I hope I have some more memorable ones. I love remembering my dreams, regardless of their content.