Monday, June 25, 2007

Upcoming Second Date With The Doctor

I just spoke with The Doctor. (And yes, you are going to get updates whether you want them or not.) We're going to hit a movie and probably food on Saturday night. Location and time are TBD as showtimes for the movie of choice, Michael Moore's Sicko, are not forthcoming at this time.

The movie choice was my suggestion, based on her interests and such. Me, I'm game for almost any movie. (Heck, I even saw Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ in a theater.)

As for the second date, I'm also game. I'm hoping we both loosen up a bit and relax. Maybe we can see a bit more of who the other person is, get to some idle chit chat. I remain a little skeptical but obviously not too much so. I think I'm more hopeful than anything else.

Then again, I also have to see what Tuesday night brings. I'm holding out an idle hope that one of them turns out significantly better than the other. Otherwise... (I'll let the ellipses be my period for now.)