Friday, June 29, 2007

Brief Update on The Doctor and The Lawyer

No news is good news (sort of).

The Doctor: Spoke with her on Monday, planned a second date for Saturday. We're going to see Michael Moore's new movie, Sicko, probably down near me. (It's playing in Fairfield.) I'm calling her back tonight to set time, place, etc. I suggested the movie knowing of her interest in healthcare and her liberal leaning (i.e., pretty far left).

The Lawyer: Tried calling her Wednesday night (no answer). Left a message for her Thursday night. She left me two messages later Thursday night. Spoke with her today (around 11:20am) and we're meeting up tonight for a second date fraught with sushi (if a date can be said to be fraught with sushi). No clue if we'll do more than sup on raw fish, but I suspect we will (as in a movie or walking or the mall or something).

Incidentally, the message game with The Lawyer was because I don't get cell phone coverage at home (at all), so I leave my phone off at home. When I called her, I was calling from the mall and from work. She called me back when I was at work since my message said I get coverage between 8am and 6pm (i.e., at work).

I'll report back after each second date.