Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Lawyer


PRELUDE: We exchanged a few e-mails starting less than 1 week ago. I contacted her first. She asked me if I wanted to get dinner in her first reply.

REPORT: We met up at a brewery and talked for over 4 hours.

REACTION: Wow. I... I think there's a connection here. We like the same books, movies and music. We have the same interests. We laughed at each other's jokes. We were sharing all sorts of things, from personal to non. It was fun. I didn't even know the time had passed. I know hindsight is halcyon, but it was just a good time, good conversation. I think we were mirroring each other (e.g., actions, posture). Afterwards, I felt like I was dazed, stunned. I still feel that way a little now. Shocked, too. She's... If you don't know what you're looking for (per se), how do you know you've found it? I... Somehow, after only a few hours of talking, it felt like we were already good friends. It's... hard to describe.

A couple times since the date, I've thought back to the first dates of mine that ended up as relationships. This felt like one of those.

After my last relationship, I know I need to watch myself a bit and not come on too strong (per se). Should be easier to avoid since I'm working full time and have a few regular activities (tennis).

I haven't (directly) told her about my living situation yet. Regarding that, I'm a little dubious about the coaching I received. Now, on a second date, I need to break the news (so to speak)? May be a little difficult. Though I didn't lie, would never dream of it on a first date (or any other, for that matter). Have to think about that a little.

FOLLOW UP: We exchanged phone numbers at the end. I'll give her a call tonight and see if we can meet up on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

THINGS I LEARNED: What a good (if not phenomenal) first date can be like. And they can be fun (as opposed to dull). (!)

I want to see this woman again.

I think I need to cancel the Saturday rendezvous with The Doctor and just end that one.