Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Doctor


PRELUDE: We exchanged around 4 e-mails starting less than 1 week ago. She contacted me first. I asked her if she wanted to get coffee.

REPORT: We met up at a coffee shop and talked for 3.5 hours, mostly about the usual resumé-ish type things.

REACTION: I don't know. She's nice enough and very smart. We don't actually have much specific in common - i.e., movies, TV, reading, interests, genres. However, I think I 'get' her. We're on similar wavelengths and, even if we don't have much in common, I think we understand each other. It's tough to glean that as yet, but there wasn't a big disconnect nor a complete non-relation. I don't think I felt any "spark" per se, nor that she did either, but there could be something there. In my opinion, it's worth at least a second date to see (but I'm patient like that).

FOLLOW UP: She gave me her phone number at the end (and I gave her mine, of course). I'll give her a call tomorrow and see if she wants to meet up for dinner &/or a movie this week/next weekend.

THINGS I LEARNED: The impact of the "living at home" is highly dependent on the woman. The Doctor understood it and could personally relate to it. I phrased it well and I don't think it's a big issue here.

As compared with my blind date, I connected much more with The Doctor. The blind date worked as a manager in a grocery store. The Doctor is a doctor. Not to say I couldn't date a non-intellectual, I just suspect I can better relate to intellectuals/professionals. I think we have more in common. For example, The Doctor and I could relate to one another by similar experiences in med school/law school.

It's probably worth it to go out of my way so that my date doesn't have to. For example, I traveled about 30 min. to meet up with The Doctor. She walked about 5 min. to get to our rendezvous. I think I got bonus points for that.